Blog migrated to Pelican

Sat 04 August 2018 by LrdShaper

Blog successfully migrated from Nanoblogger to Pelican. I was able to use this Ruby script with some changes so that it outputs to Mardown instead of HTML.

Afterwards I just needed to modify the tags and categories accordingly then copy the resulting markdown files into Pelican's content directory

AsusWRT-Merlin: Installing Entware into a CIFS folder

Sat 07 April 2018 by LrdShaper

This is taken from AsusWRT-Merlin Wiki and modified to work with CIFS shares. You can read what Entware is all about here. This assumes:
a Your router is and is connected to the internet
b Samba is running on with a share …

PND Headless staking with Pandacoind v2.1.2

Tue 13 January 2015 by LrdShaper

I had problems running v3.0.0 on my Sheevaplug but was able to make v2.1.2 work. As of writing v3.0.1 is out but I haven't tried it yet

Ok here we go. Assuming your on Debian or Ubuntu:
1) Download v2.1.2 source code …

Astro EPG for Vista Media Center v2

Sat 11 May 2013 by LrdShaper

I've updated my script again after the recent redesign of the Astro website which also changed their EPG API. EPGs are updated every Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun (7am and 7pm).
Again point your BladeRunner to ChannelInfo.xml and xmltv.xml.gz. Cheers!

CIFS, NFS and TUN Kernel modules for Asus TF101 Transformer

Sat 27 August 2011 by LrdShaper

CIFS, NFS and Tun Kernel modules (with experimental support for NFSv4.1) for Asus TF101 Transformer with Kernel 2.6.36 here

CIFS, NFS and TUN Kernel modules for X10 Mini Pro

Tue 19 July 2011 by LrdShaper

Cross-compiled CIFS, NFS and Tun Kernel modules for Sony's Xperia X10 Mini Pro with Kernel 2.6.29 here

Astro EPG for Vista Media Center

Sun 10 July 2011 by LrdShaper

If you're still using Vista Media Center to watch Astro, I've updated my little script which scrapes the Astro website and creates the XMLs needed by BladeRunner to generate TV Guide data for Vista Media Center. If you're just interested in the XMLs, point your BladeRunner to https://www.lrdshaper …

Fun with Asterisk + Festival + Google Calendar

Mon 15 March 2010 by LrdShaper

I've always used a basic celfone with my only requirement that it can import contacts either via usb or bluetooth and always rely on my PDA to remind me of everything from meetings to calls to birthdays and everything else in between. Well my current PDA, a trusty old Clie …

Privoxy Add-on v1.02 (ReadyNAS NV+/NV/Duo/1100/600/X6)

Sat 20 February 2010 by LrdShaper

Updated the Privoxy to the latest stable release v3.0.16 (as of 02/19/2010).
Download link PrivoxyAdd-on_1.02.tar

Finished my asterisk setup

Sat 20 February 2010 by LrdShaper

After lots of reading and studying over the previous weekend I finally got my asterisk setup the way I wanted it. Previously running on the XBOX and now moved to the SheevaPlug, I now have two PSTN lines (one in the Philippines and one here in Malaysia) that can also …

Privoxy Add-on v1.01 (ReadyNAS NV+/NV/Duo/1100/600/X6)

Mon 20 July 2009 by LrdShaper

Added support to change enable-edit-actions value from the Add-ons page. This enables you to edit the Privoxy configuration via Privoxy's Web UI. Download link: PrivoxyAdd-on_1.01.tar

Setup CUPS-PDF as a network printer

Sat 27 June 2009 by LrdShaper

CUPS-PDF is a FREE virtual PDF printer that allows you to print documents to PDF format. Yes like a PDF writer and I will show you how to install and configure it on your headless server or NAS running Linux so you can have a network printer that produces PDFs …

More toys!

Wed 03 June 2009 by LrdShaper

I received my SheevaPlug this week. It's a teeny-bit smaller than I thought it would be from the pics that I see on the net. Probably because of my somewhat larger hands :)

Anyway, the SheevaPlug is a small device, probably the size of a laptop's power brick, that's very big …

2.6.18 Kernel for Xbox

Fri 08 May 2009 by LrdShaper

Category : Asterisk Tags: gnu/linux, xbox, asterisk, kernel, xebian, debian

I wanted to move my Asterisk setup from my NSLU2 to the Xbox. After successfully compiling both Asterisk and Zaptel I get an error while trying to load the Zaptel modules:

FATAL: Error inserting ztdummy (/lib/modules/2.6.16 …

Privoxy Add-on v1.0 (ReadyNAS NV+/NV/Duo/1100/600/X6)

Wed 29 April 2009 by LrdShaper

Made my first add-on for the ReadyNAS sparc devices: Privoxy Add-on for ReadyNAS sparc devices - a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk. This add-on is based on Privoxy v3 …

NSLU2 is now Debian powered

Sun 16 November 2008 by LrdShaper

Managed to finish most of the migration as scheduled. Installation and configuration took roughly 8-10hrs including a few power naps here and there and native compilation of some of the packages mostly because the newer version is not in the repositories. NTP server is up, so is the WINS server …

Web server will be down the whole weekend

Fri 14 November 2008 by LrdShaper

I'll be replacing my NSLU2's HDD this weekend and moving from uNSLUng to Debian Lenny RC1. Since I also have quite a list of services that I have to migrate to Debian, the site may well be down the whole weekend.

The NSLU2 currently runs on a 160gb 3.5 …

Services moved to the XBOX

Sun 21 September 2008 by LrdShaper

Finally finished moving most of the services from my NSLU2 to the XBOX running XebianV1.1.4. It was a slow process setting up the XBOX just the way I want it with what little spare time I have but now I'm quite happy with it. XBOX now runs:
o …

Use rtorrent for your downloads

Thu 07 August 2008 by LrdShaper

If you own a hacked ( NSLU2 or XBOX), rtorrent and screen/dtach can prove to be your new best friend. It's lightweight, fast, stable and uses less memory than a goldfish.

So what can rtorrent do? Well for starters it can:

1) Watch directories for new torrents. So all you …

SSH Forwarding

Thu 05 June 2008 by LrdShaper

I read a post last night in the ReadyNAS Forums asking about how to securely access the Bittorent Client Web UI in his ReadyNAS from a remote location. I made a step by step guide in their forums on how to go about doing that thru SSH Forwarding and I …

Another toy just arrived :)

Sat 31 May 2008 by LrdShaper

It's another day to be jolly. The WRT350Nv1.0 donated by (edit: names removed as requested) arrived Friday in all its glory which will replace my bricked WRT54GL. It's a shame OpenWRT doesn't support it yet. Still good though as I've always wanted to try out DD-WRT and maybe Sveasoft …

Got a new toy!!!

Sat 24 May 2008 by LrdShaper

Well, sort of. It's not really new and it's also not mine. My friend lent me an XBOX to play with since he's no longer using it seeing as he just recently bought an XBOX360. Now let's see if I can get linux working on this baby, something to keep …

Random fortunes are up

Thu 22 May 2008 by LrdShaper

Yep it's up and running. I decided to use javascript so the fortunes are dynamic 'on every pageload' as opposed to 'on every new post' if I used bash.

Lets add some random fortunes

Wed 21 May 2008 by LrdShaper

I think I'll be sticking with JS-Kit for a while. I like how it's so easy to add to any part of the page you want and moderating the comments is also a breeze.

So tonight I'll be adding a random fortune routine to add some flavor to the site …

JS-Kit + nanoblogger

Tue 20 May 2008 by LrdShaper

Decided to try JS-Kit Comments first and got it up and running in less than 10mins! ;) I literally had to add only one line of code in some of the nanoblogger templates.

For those wanting to try JS-Kit to add comments in nanoblogger you just add the line

<font size …

Thoughts so far

Tue 20 May 2008 by LrdShaper

Boy when the nanoblogger website mentioned slowness as one of the "cons", they weren't kidding. But after all the processing are complete, everything is in static html which is just the way I wanted it.

Getting comments to work is getting longer than I expected though. Both NBCom and blogKomm …

My first post

Mon 19 May 2008 by LrdShaper

Well after years of always coming up with an excuse not to start a blog I finally decided to take the plunge and play around with nanoblogger. The fact that my main PC's power supply broke down last Thursday and not having a way to get some projects done during …